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Mirror Edge Trim

Aluminum mirror trim or edging is used as a decorative frame for mirror installations. This trim profile is also used in woodworking and cabinet making as an edge reveal. The trims we carry are for 1/4” material and have 5/8” and 1” faces.

We stock mirror edges in anodized, brass, brite clear, brite black, and brushed stainless steel finishes depending on the extrusion.

We also carry a range of lengths in feet.

ImagePart #DescriptionSelect Options

1/4″ Mirror Edge Trim with 1″ Face


1/4″ Mirror Edge Trim with 5/8″ Face


1/4″ Mirror Edge Trim with 5/8″ Face

Extrude-A-Trim’s mirror trim extrusions can be used with our top (FR2132) or bottom (FR3132) J channels for mirror framing.


Our standard cutting tolerance is +/-.125” including stock material. If you want something more specific or do not accept this tolerance, your requirement must be forwarded in writing – otherwise we will cut to our standards.

Additional alloys are available. Minimum order quantities apply.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and help you find what you are looking for.

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