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Aluminum Channel

Whether it’s for framing, protection, or decoration, we offer aluminum C channel and U channel profiles in a wide range of dimensions. These extrusions are perfect for store fixtures, displays, shower enclosures, windows, glass/mirror projects, chairs, elevators, framing and many more applications.

Our extruded aluminum channels have super strength and can hold heavy weight and are resistant to cracks.
Choose from decorative architectural or structural channel stock. We carry two types of architectural channels: square and rounded outside.

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Custom Extrusions

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Build confidently with aluminum channel extrusions from Extrude-A-Trim.

Let Xtrudor swoop in and help you with all your extruded aluminum channel needs. You can use our aluminum C channel (a.k.a. aluminum U channel) for design or construction purposes. Extrude-A-Trim’s got your back whether you need that extra strength (structural aluminum channel) or to finish your project with that perfect square or rounded edge (architectural aluminum channel).

Why choose Extrude-A-Trim’s aluminum channels:

  • These extruded aluminum shapes suit the needs of many different industries: bath and shower enclosures, boats and RVs, displays and exhibits, glass and mirror installation, and millwork, woodwork, and cabinetry.
  • Radius dimensions range between 0.031” to 0.063” for our rounded outside architectural aluminum channels.
  • Choose between different finishes: Anodized finish, mill finish, brass finish, brite clear finish, brushed stainless steel finish, stain black finish, bronze finish, brite black finish,
  • Length options: 4 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft, 12 ft, 20 ft, 21 ft, and 24 ft.
  • Alloy options: 6061 for structural extrusions, 6063 for architectural extrusions, and 6463 for architectural extrusions with brite finishes.
  • Check here to view our dimension chart.
  • If none of those lengths or dimensions work, we can help you with custom aluminum extrusions. Visit this page or contact us today to see how we can make your custom aluminum extruded shapes.

Whatever your extrusion needs, you can count on Extrude-A-Trim to provide thousands of high-quality profiles ready for you. Get your aluminum channels today.