Extrude-A-Trim’s standard extrusions are made from aluminum alloys in the 6xxx series. This aluminum grade is alloyed with magnesium and silicon for a moderate increase in strength and very good corrosion resistance. These properties make them the number one choice for architectural and structural applications. See our comparison chart below for more information.

Alloys Specifications Applications Our Extrusions
6061 This alloy keeps most of the good qualities of aluminum and is very versatile. It has a large range of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It’s strength, weldability and formability ensure its utility in many applications. Building products, vehicle parts, furniture, agricultural, medical and electronic applications. Structural Extrusions
6063 One of the best alloys for anodizing applications this grade is often called the architectural alloy. It has comparatively high corrosion resistance, tensile properties and great finish characteristics. Exterior and interior architectural applications and trim, appliance parts, kitchen equipment, moldings, extruded trim for homes and store fixtures, medical equipment and more. Architectural Extrusions
6463 Commonly called a decorative alloy. This grade is medium strength and can be chemically brightened. Shop fittings and trims, kitchen, bathroom and automotive trims. Architectural Extrusions with "Brite" finishes.
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Additional alloys are available upon request. Minimum 500 kg mill run. Contact us

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