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Available for architectural use in a variety of applications, our unequal leg angles have one shorter side.

Drawer pulls can be used for furniture, cabinets, and more in multiple sizes.

We stock everything you need to construct a glass railing system for both interior and exterior use.

Top track systems can be paired with our other sliding track system extrusions.

Aluminum angles are used in many applications including furniture edging, store fixtures, and corner guards.

Aluminum round rods are used in many architectural and structural applications including store fixtures and displays.

Our rounded inside aluminum channel profiles have extra strength for structural use.

We carry two aluminum ticket moulding extrusions that are easy to install and far outlast plastic alternatives.


This is Xtrudor.

Back in the 1960s, Will Denson was a successful astronaut with an established career. During his final space mission, his spaceship caught the tail end of a supernova in a fluke accident. Harnessing his new-found superpowers, Will created Extrude-A-Trim in 1962. When Will gets the call, Xtrudor arrives — fully equipped and ready to stock. The only thing he leaves behind is a satisfied customer.