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In The Aluminum Warehouse, you’ll find thousands of high-quality aluminum profiles that are in-stock and ready to be delivered to you.

With Extrude-A-Trim, you can always expect us to have extensive knowledge our products, present you with exceptional customer service, and provide quality workmanship. To top it all off, our express delivery service is super-fast. And don’t forget, one of our superpowers is that we can create custom extrusions to fit your design needs. Tell us what you’re looking for and we can make it happen.

Bath & Shower Enclosures

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Boat & RV

Carrying thousands of in-stock aluminum profiles, The Aluminum Warehouse is the perfect place to find what you need to keep your Boat or RV looking great.

With a variety of colors and sizes of extrusions, you too can be a hero by protecting the sides of your boat with rub rails or equipping your RV with drip rails. Our aluminum extrusions can also be used for edging, awning rails, trim moulding, and enclosures, with no fear about corrosion, rust, or damage over time. With our specialty extrusions, we can fabricate and construct almost any application for your boat or RV.

Work with one of our representatives to find the solution you’re looking for, today!

Displays & Exhibits

Whether you’re hosting an event or participating in a trade show, leave it up to us to bring your vision to life.

We are equipped to deliver strong, high-quality trade show and convention booth structures, museum displays, start and finish line set-ups and retail kiosks. Our stock includes standard profile shapes, J-trims, dividers, corners, Z-clips, slat walls and slot walls, all available in different measurements and finishes, including mill or black finishes. With our range of slatwall and slot wall profiles, create stackable displays for your exhibit. Our aluminum extrusions guarantee longevity and super-strength.

Glass & Mirror Installation

Whether it is glass or mirrored walls for store perimeters, lobbies and entryways, we have the high-quality aluminum glass and mirror trim you need in-stock.

Our line of brite-dipped products, in gold, chrome and bronze, add beauty, style and elegance and create the perfect look you need. We have thousands of in-stock aluminum profiles which are available in a variety of painted and anodized finishes, guaranteeing that you will find the right extrusion for any trim.

Glass and mirror trims can be used for a variety of fixtures and displays, whether it’s for your home or for commercial use. Reach out to our team of heroes today to learn more about creating a custom glass or mirror trim profile.

Millwork, Woodwork & Cabinetry

Add the finishing touch to all your cabinetry and doors with our superior stock of aluminum profiles.

Our warehouse is filled with standard shapes, assorted fixture trims, drawer and finger pulls, Z-clips, slot walls and slat walls to help you bring an elevated look to your home or office space. With a variety of finishes available, we have the ability to bring your interior design vision to life, whether you’re looking for something modern or classic.

Retail Store Fixtures

If you are looking for extruded profiles for mirrored walls, store perimeters, furniture, displays, showcases and slat wall panels – look no further! We offer super-strength, long-lasting aluminum slatwall extrusions to ensure your store fixtures last forever. Our variations of slatwall profiles allow you to firmly hang and organize your products and displays, without fear of collapsing. Our slatwall can carry the heaviest of items and displays, which is why our extrusions are the best option for your stores. From aluminum angles and corners to slot wall and ticket moulding, you’ll find the extrusions you need in a wide variety of finishes, including polished, brushed, painted and anodized aluminum.

Roller Shades

When you need a little shade, we’ve got you covered. Xtrudor is always stocking our warehouse with thousands of roller shade extrusions, available in mill, anodized, or brite-dipped and colored finishes.

If you’re in the window covering and roller shade manufacturing industry, you’ve come to the right place. Our stock includes lightweight aluminum tubes, headers, ceiling tracks, bottom bars, and fascia and bracket extruded shapes. Let us come to the rescue with our range of roller shade extrusions, built to last with no worry of damage or wear-and-tear.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we have the power to customize any shape with specific lengths, sizes and finishes.


For both interior and exterior signage, we have standard and EX sign shapes in stock for you to choose from.

Our selection of sign extrusions are used to make aluminum sign boxes, sign box frames, signage mounts and displays. We offer the highest-quality aluminum profiles, designed to hold virtually any sign face or size. All our sign extrusions are available in mill and anodized finishes and can be customized to your specific requirements. With high-strength designs and easy to assemble profiles, there’s no limit to how you can utilize our EX sign shapes.

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