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How To Use Aluminum Slatwall For Your Business

Slatwalls are essential in making displays and organization easier. Without them, your products, tools, and even art, might be displayed in chaos. That’s where our aluminum slatwall inserts are critical. Simply, they provide the structure to slatwall panels that allow you to show, hang, or hold products on hooks, shelves, or bins. Plus, they give you a ton of flexibility and customizability.

Different Ways to Take Advantage of Slatwall and Slatwall Inserts

You might think there are only one or two relevant use cases for slatwall. But really, you can use them for retail displays, store fixtures, organizing tools or workshops,  freestanding fixtures at tradeshows, or even for displaying art.

Display Your Product Proudly

The most common way to use slatwall is for display purposes. Retail and tradeshow booth displays need to be attractive and enticing for your potential customers. Our aluminum slatwall inserts are the ideal solution to help you display your products. Use inserts to organize different categories of products, highlight a spotlight product, or both. Consider a featured section in your retail space, like Staff Picks in a bookstore or on promotion items.

They can also help save space. And you always need to make the most out of your available space.

Organization for the Win

While the primary use of slatwall in retail is to help display your product, it can be a fantastic solution to help organize and store extra merchandise. Keep more merchandise on the floor and give your customers the chance to find more items and spend more money.

Additionally, aluminum slatwall helps you conquer your organizing struggles for your woodworking space or garage. Whether it’s at home or your company shop, you can bring an elevated look with slatwall.

Keep things off the ground in your garage. Or did you get a new tool and need to find a new place to store it? Again, slatwall might just be your answer.

Customize to Fit Your Need

Speaking of that brand-new tool you now need to find a place to store, the other amazing benefit of slatwalls is the customizability. The removable inserts give you limitless options on how you want to store or display your items.

Shake up the staff picks section. Make way for a brand-new toy in your store that takes up way too much space but is flying off the shelves like hotcakes. Reorganize your garage to hang a bike on the wall. Or pretty much do anything you want – customize your slatwall for whatever you need using aluminum slatwall inserts.

Slatwall Inserts Work Just About Anywhere

From retail displays to grand showcases at tradeshow exhibits to organizing your millwork, woodwork, and cabinetry areas, aluminum slatwall could be a perfect solution for you.

About Extrude-A-Trim’s Aluminum Slatwall Inserts

Extrude-A-Trim’s aluminum slatwall inserts come in two sizes. Standard lengths are 4 and 8 feet depending on the slatwall insert profile or interlocking panel extrusion you choose.

The standard finish for our aluminum slatwall inserts is mill finish. Additional painted and anodized finishes are available on custom order.

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