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Extrude-A-Trim Officially Opens a US Warehouse in South Florida

We’re thrilled to formally announce the launch of our new warehouse in Pompano Beach, Florida. The opening of this warehouse means we (and Xtrudor) get to share our superpower of providing a vast selection of in-stock specialty aluminum extrusions and exemplary customer service directly to organizations in the US.

While our superpower is helping anyone with their aluminum extrusion needs, this warehouse will most benefit our customers in the general contracting, woodworking, and store fixture markets.

Large production runs, fluctuating aluminum costs, and storing aluminum extrusions create budgetary uncertainties for many organizations. Our bulk buying and competitive costs on aluminum extrusions, plus our ability to warehouse your materials so you can get them daily, weekly, monthly, or as often as production schedules dictate how we can best help you.

Xtrudor rushes to save the day.

We understand you can’t afford any project delays. Opening a new facility in the US ensures you get speedy delivery, so you get what you need, when and where you need it. Our expert staff do everything in their power to understand your challenges and help you find the most effective solution. It could come from one of our thousands of in-stock aluminum profiles, such as aluminum angles, channels, slatwall extrusions, ticket mouldings, or from one of our custom extruded shapes.

Since 2004, Xtrudor and everyone at Extrude-A-Trim have focused on building our US operations. The launch of this warehouse marks an exciting moment in this journey. We’re excited to make South Florida a new home. We can’t wait to be the go-to aluminum extrusion supplier for Miami-Dade, Brower, and Palm Beach Counties.

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